Legendary 493 & PFD Leader Retires

Today we say goodbye and thank you to one of the greats! Captain Derrick Johnson hangs up his boots after almost 40 years in the fire service! (1983-2022)

Captain Paramedic Johnson has worked all over the City of Phoenix FD but spent most of his years at stations 1, 8, 12, 6 and 46. He has been deployed, with his brother Jerry, to several FEMA – USAR incidents across the country and worked as a FIT for BC2 and BC7. After getting hired in 1983 Derrick soon realized he not only had a passion to serve his community but also the firefighters he worked with through the Labor/Management process. Derrick rose through the Local 493 ranks serving as a Union Trustee, Executive Officer, Secretary Treasurer and Vice-President for the PFFA. He also served as the Chair of the Maricopa Area Labor Federation from 2002 to 2004 and over his career helped shape the legislature, boards and commissions representing Firefighters and other labor organizations.

Captain Johnson asked the PFD to share that over his career he was “fortunate to work with some amazing individuals from firefighters, dispatchers, secretaries, mechanics, tech-services, those that deliver supplies and all the individuals who keep Big Red moving forward!” He reminds us that “there is much strength in kindness” and thanks everyone for the lifetime of friendships and an amazing career!

We thank you Captain for your countless hours of working on our behalf, for all the “Bruno” stories and for all the advice! Take care, congratulations and good luck into the future Derrick!